Microsoft SQL Server - 13 Point Integrity Check

Backups, Indexes & other Performance Hiccups

Let us check your SQL Server Database

Do you have a business which relies heavily on SQL Server?

And have you noticed that over time it has become slower, or just not right?

Microsoft SQL Server is a massive product. It can run anything from small databases of just a couple of tables, to databases where transactions can be into the thousands per minute.

It takes an expert to identify and fix the issues that can be causing the problems.

If you're in the Sutherland Shire or St George area of Sydney, then we will be more than happy to come to your business and put your SQL Server through our own 13-point integrity check.

Or, for businesses anywhere else the world, we can do it via Teams or Zoom!

In this check, we'll look at your system and see how we can improve it. For example, this check includes:

  •     - Has the SQL Server been configured correctly in terms of the actual data and log files being in the correct place?
  •     - Are there obvious holes in your security?
  •     - What if your server broke down? Are your backups in good shape?
  •     - Do your tables have clustered indexes, too many indexes or are the indexes fragmented?
  •     - Statistics out of date?

If you're unsure of the answer to those questions (or don't have someone employed who does), then you should seriously consider getting your server looked at.

This 13-Point SQL Server Integrity Check only takes us 40 to 60 minutes to do, and costs just $99 (inc GST).

There will be no changes to your data and there is no risk of any harm coming to your system and we are also more than happy to sign a standard non-disclosure agreement (I am used to looking at sensitive information).

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