Direct Debit Services - Details

Stingrae Database Services setup a Direct Debit System, because not one, but two of our clients expressed dissapointed in another company that direct debited customers on their behalf (both of these clients are in the martial arts industry whose database we built).

The complaint was the same from both of them -- that their direct debit provider's customer service had gone down, and their fees had gone up.

So we then came up with a solution ... A cut price direct debit system (that we also built into their existing databases) that did the same job, but saving them hundreds of dollars every month in fees!
And ... we can do the same for your business!

Here is a summary of our fees (you won't even see this on 90% of our competitor's websites):

  P Transaction Fee From Bank Account: $0.99 per transaction (max transaction is $2,500.00)
  P Transaction Fee From MasterCard or Visa: 1.76% per transaction (or $0.99, whichever is greater)
  P Failed Payment Fee: $5.50
  P Setup Fee Charged To Principle (Your Business): ZERO
  P Setup Fee Charged To Your Customers: ZERO
  P Any other hidden fees or transactions?: NO
  P Web-based (access from any computer): YES

That's it! And all the above prices include GST!

We guarantee that our Direct Debit System is the best value for money billing solution for all small businesses!

Contact Us Today To Apply Now ... With no setup fee, or monthly minimum what have you got to lose?