Database Development

Before you hire a "full-stack" developer ... please ponder this ...

Imagine you ask a car builder to build you a car.

He goes to work on the chassis ... putting together the axels and the suspension ... heck even the tyres ...

Then he calls you in to show you, thinking you'll be amazed by this chassis he's built.

But there's a problem ... he built it for a little 3 door electric coupe, but you have a construction business and require a large ute. He built what you asked, but you know when you put it to full use, it won't be up to scratch!

Now look at this image below:

n-tier architecture 3-tier architecture

This is a diagram of what's known as N-Tier Archicture.

It's premise is that you can attach N number of applications all calling the same codebase and database. You can see the database on the top-right, connects to the API, and then we have web applications, tablets and phone apps all calling this same API and database.

Most "full-stack developers" start with the application and use lazy ORMS to build the architecure (eg entity framework).

We begin in the top-right ... with the database.

By doing this bit right, everything flows through better and is less expensive in the long-term.

Doing it the other way will probably be quicker in the short-term, but you'll be calling us once your business grows to scale and fix your database, which will often be far more expensive.

Here's the thing ... you can always connect more APIs and Applications

But if your database wasn't built right, then your system will most likely grind to a halt as you grow.

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